HHC – A Legal High in Europe?

What is the HHC cannabinoid, and why is it growing in popularity? This is a question many people have when they’re first introduced to HHC.

Although CBD and THC are the two most popular cannabinoids right now, others are moving up in the ranks as well. One of the “new” cannabinoids taking the world by storm right now is HHC. 

Whether you’ve heard about HHC before, or this is your first time, we’re here to cover some of the basics. What HHC benefits can I expect? Is HHC legal? What HHC products can I choose from? We’ll dive into the answers to these questions and more.

What is HHC?

HHC is short for ‘hexahydrocannabinol.’ It is a compound found naturally in cannabis. However, there is only a verysmall amount of HHC in industrial hemp plants. 

HHC is like a relative to the popular cannabinoid THC. Both can be extracted from cannabis plants, and both have similar effects.

Just like THC, HHC is psychoactive and will cause you to experience a head high. Many report that HHC causes a very similar “high” to THC.

The HHC cannabinoid is becoming more popular because it is legal in many places, even where THC is illegal. This means many people can enjoy a “legal high” with HHC depending on the laws in their area. 

What HHC products are available?

There are many HHC cannabinoid products on the market right now. You can choose from a wide variety of options. Here are a few of our favorite HHC products:

Gummies are a very popular option for most people. Not only are they one of the most delicious ways to experience HHC, but they’re also convenient as well. It typically takes longer to experience the effects of HHC from eating gummies. But most report that they feel the effects for longer than with other methods. 

Sugar wax is a concentrated cannabis extract that resembles wet sugar. You can use many techniques including dabbing, vaporizing, or adding HHC as a topper in a bowl or a bong. Many prefer the inhalation method for HHC because you can experience the effects within minutes. 

  • HHC HashHash (short for hashish) is a concentrated extract made from compressed resinous glands called trichomes in the cannabis plant. You can smoke or vaporize HHC. Many prefer the inhalation method for HHC because you can experience the effects within minutes. 

Regardless of the type of HHC product you choose, it’s very important to only purchase HHC from trusted companies. 

Choosing a reputable company with high-quality products is essential. Make sure that you always look for a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from an independent lab. This COA is essential for showing you the potency of the cannabinoids and the actual ingredients. Many untrustworthy brands sell products with misleading labels and low-quality products. 

Just so you know, here at Canna Health Amsterdam, all of our HHC cannabinoid products have a Certificate of Analysis. Simply click on the tab “COA” underneath the image of our product on our website, and you’ll see the full analysis. 

Is HHC a good fit for you?

Who enjoys HHC? Is it right for me? Those are a few other common questions about HHC. 

The HHC cannabinoid is a great option for anyone who wants to experience the psychoactive effects of cannabis. HHC products are currently being enjoyed by most of the same people who regularly use marijuana to experience a high. 

Many people enjoy the experience they have with HHC. Most say HHC gives you a very similar high to what you feel with THC. If you are comfortable with the head high you get from THC products, HHC may be enjoyable for you.

There are also many HHC benefits you may experience as well. 

Since HHC is currently legal in most places, many are choosing to use HHC as an alternative to THC. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the legality of HHC varies depending on location. Because it is a new compound, there aren’t many laws about HHC yet. Make sure to check your local laws to avoid penalties. 

Is HHC a legal high in Europe?

As we mentioned above, HHC is often claimed as a legal alternative to THC. Although this is true in some areas, the issue can be complex. 

Since HHC is so similar to THC, there are some areas where it’s illegal. But since it is derived from industrial hemp, it could be considered legal in places like the United States thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill

Ultimately, HHC is technically legal in Europe and many other places in the world. This makes it a legal high for many people. However, this could change with time, so make sure you check your local laws regularly. 


Many people are finding the HHC cannabinoid very enjoyable. It’s often touted as a legal high in Europe, and it’s getting more popular by the day. 

The high you experience with HHC is reportedly very similar to the high you get from THC. Some people report that it is slightly less powerful than a regular THC high, and slightly more powerful than a delta-8 THC high. 

If you want to experience the HHC benefits, you have a handful of different products to choose from here. You can rest assured that we test all of our HHC products for quality and potency through an independent lab. You can find a Certificate of Analysis for all of our HHC products. Regardless, it’s important to speak with your health care provider before using HHC.