How Can CBD Help With Your Period

If you are new to CBD products, this article will tell you everything you need to know about the safety and benefits of using CBD during your period. 

Let’s Talk About Periods

It’s been a ‘taboo’ topic for our current society and that may prevail, however, there are ways to really improve your whole experience of your monthly cycles. 

There is a wide range of myths that tend to go hand in hand with period talk but like everything, there are variations of everyone’s experiences. Some people have a really easy time and having periods is just an indication of your pregnancy status. Whereas there are some people who suffer terribly from pain and other complications. 

We have all tried heating pads, baths, green tea, and standing in the doorway in that position which kind of makes you feel better. These are often effective ways to helping with pain. However, it’s sometimes difficult to execute, and apparently taking a bath at work is unprofessional. I still beg to differ. 

Like in my workplace, walking around with a hot water bottle and popping to the nearest hotel for a bath isn’t acceptable.

If you suffer from a painful cycle, cannabidiol could be a little miracle in a bottle. 

The Difference Between CBD and THC

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD are naturally occurring compounds found in the resinous flower of cannabis.

THC is the substance that gives you the stoned effect and is psychoactive.

CBD does not affect one in the same way. As a compound, CBD works through indirect actions, activating non-cannabinoid channels. Which help reduce blood pressure, regulate pain, inflammation, nausea, and dopamine release. 

Anti-Inflammatory Reasons To Use CBD During Your Period

One of the effects of using CBD is that it reduces inflammation. This can help lift the pain and the cramps you experience during your menstrual cycle. 

Some experts predict that the CBD industry will grow by 700% by the year 2020, there is a growing popular demand for CBD and the market is growing with the increase in education. The more we understand CBD products, the more likely we will be able to find even more beneficial uses for them. 

CBD Oil May Help You Relax 

Cannabidiol has been used to treat depression and anxiety because CB2 receptors bind best with the endocannabinoid 2-AG. Which are involved in regulating pain management, immune system functions, and inflammation.

The endocannabinoid system is involved in a variety of physiological processes including increasing appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory. A mixture of these benefits does wonders whilst on your period.

CBD tends to have a calming effect both mentally and physically. Sometimes it sounds too good to be true, but it really is worth trying out!

If these products have been used to treat a whole variety of mental health issues including depression and anxiety, imagine how effective they would be for your menstrual cycle. 

CBD Comes in Many Styles

There is a huge variety of CBD products and many choices for someone wanting to place CBD in their diet.

Many people have heard of CBD oil which you place under the tongue and leave for 60 seconds. CBD oil is a long-lasting way of tasting CBD and would be recommended as a top-up dosage for really awful days of cramps.

You can also find chewable gummies which are a nifty and discrete way of taking your CBD before a meeting or on the train.

If you’re a smoker and prefer to feel as though you smoke, the vaporizers are a smart, slim epoch that produces tasty smoke with 0% THC. 

Purchase CBD Products Online

If you want to purchase CBD products in the US and Europe, this is absolutely possible. As CBD products are completely legal in all 50 states, and also in Europe. You can get them shipped right to your door. 

Having an easier period might be as easy as a few drops under your tongue, or maybe a gummy bear or two. You deserve to have a calmer and smoother cycle, and you may have just found the right product.  

No matter what, don’t sell yourself short when it comes to exploring the effects of CBD products and the benefits of CBD during your period. Your body will most likely thank you.